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Laura & Christie


Pictured from L to R: Laura Fletcher and Christie McLeod

Photo by Lionel Photography


When you find your person, you hang on tight, build castles in the sky and lay foundations under them. The Inquisitor Wine Company is a culmination of one such friendship between founders Laura Fletcher and Christie McLeod. 


“At the center of our hearts, we value honesty, loyalty, and passion. Raised by our parents and grandparents before us, an insatiable appetite for knowledge and improvement is instilled within us.”


The Inquisitor is founded on these principles along with a love of exciting and fantastic wines. 


“Our dedication to truth and authenticity is emulated in our relentless pursuit to provide you with handpicked and pressed wines, sourced from sustainable, family-run South African vineyards, each harvested, pressed, blended, nurtured and bottled.”

The Bird

Songbirds are ordinary birds capable of extraordinary things (kind of like us). They migrate in search of the best resources traveling across continents and oceans. They never settle but instead are always seeking, adapting and learning. 


The songbird represents the core of our company goals; a creature of constant inquiry, discovery, change and joy.

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